Surroundings and outings

The holiday bungalow Hof van Benten in Ermelo is located in the largest Dutch forest area (1000 km2!), the Veluwe with many (natural) walking, cycling, mountain biking and riding possibilities.

On the other side of the bungalow you can walk in the Veluwe for wonderful morning, day, evening and / or nature walks.

You even run “the risk” of hearing wild boars, deer, roe deer, buzzards and many other bird species!

The bicycle route network Veluwe runs “in front of the door” and junction 58 is around the corner of the Eendenparkweg and offers many routes to explore the region. The route leads you, for example, to the Veluwe forests and the Beekhuizerzand (distance 5 km), to the Leuvenum forests, the Speulder- and Sprielderbos, one of the large forest complexes on the Veluwe. In all seasons a unique forest area with beautiful contrasts, natural resources and beautiful places. You can also go to the Wolderwijd (Nulde beach is at a distance of 7 km) or to the Randmeren (Veluwe Randmeer routes) to relax on or in the water on the Flevostranden (distance 11 km).

Or would you prefer to go to the old Hanseatic city of Harderwijk (distance 5 km) to shop and / or eat well? You can do it all during your stay, because it is all close!

Of course we can advise you with regard to your personal wishes.

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